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IPOL 8505 A Global Politics


The political fallacy of “social justice” derives from the ethic of altruism, which derives from epistemological mysticism, which derives from a primacy of consciousness metaphysics. Therefore, in order to demonstrate the fallacy of “social justice,” one must first grasp the fallacies of altruism, mysticism and the primacy of consciousness.These fallacies will each be treated in turn below, ultimately demonstrating that “social justice,” originally a religious ideal, and now a secular one, is a political fallacy. Justice, objectively defined, negates the fallacy of “social justice.”


The metaphysical fallacy at the root of “social justice” is the fallacy of the primacy of consciousness. According to this metaphysical fallacy, consciousness has primacy over existence. In other words, the universe is not self-existent; it is the product of divine consciousness, human consciousness, or both. In other words, God created the universe out of nothing and humans have the ability to mold their own reality, albeit to a lesser degree than God. But why is this fallacious? Didn’t God create the universe? And isn’t man’s reality subjective?

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